Founded by Tito Ladejobi and Sherwin Jarmon back in 2014, nice refund Tax Service is currently the best when it comes to making sure that you maximize your income tax refund OR reducing your tax liability so you only paying a fair share in your local, state and federal taxes!


Why Choose Nice Refund Tax Service?! Our team of well informed preparers are 100% dedicated to our clients. We are here to help, teach, plan and prepare you for all of your annual income tax needs. Were you recently Married or Divorced? Did you buy a New Home? Got a New Job? Trying to understand Obamacare? Is it your very First time Filing? Don’t worry, Nice Refund Tax Service has got you covered! Our preparers are trained to handle any tax return; from the basic to the most complex. **Plus, all returns are reviewed by a recognized IRS tax preparer for accuracy.*

Nice Refund Tax Service, “Where Every Penny Counts!” We’re known for being dedicated to providing exceptional service, and our mission is giving you the best tax experience. With our MAXIMUM REFUND guarantee, we make sure your refund is… NICE! ”What if I’m not getting a refund?” No Problem! Staying current with tax laws & best practices enables us to reduce your tax liability and put you in the best situation for your scenario.

Our no pressure, FREE ESTIMATES and NO MONEY DOWN tax preparation makes Nice Refund the best choice. AUDIT PROTECTION and FREE SECOND LOOKS makes us the safe choice. We take a lot of pride in our services being Fast, Accurate, Trustworthy, and Experienced. Don’t put your tax FATE in the hand of the wrong person and end up having problems with the IRS. Let the pros at nice refund educate and serve YOU!


Taxes Optimization

While some people speculate that taxes optimization is the same as the tax evasion, we strongly disagree! All of the accounting, auditing, and Taxes Optimization services that we offer are law-proof, absolutely legal and are practiced every day by thousands of US businesses. We guarantee you that you will never ever have a problem after using our services!



In our understanding, a level field means that if some big corporations or government agencies know about certain taxation workarounds (which are legally sound) and pay a fairer share of their taxes, why can’t anyone else too? We’re leveling the field for everyone by letting you or your company to pay a tax rate that is efficient and fair both for you and your business!


Services for SMBs

While we save millions of dollars yearly for individuals and businesses, we never charge people more than it is fair to do. Our pricing policy is simple and reasonable – with specific fees for particular services that we provide and working hours spent on analyzing each particular client’s financial situation. The best feature about our tax support is its clarity!


Co-Founder / CEO


Tito Ladejobi is a public accountant that analyzes financial statements to advise companies and individuals on accounting, investments, and management strategies.

Tito received his B.B.A from The University of Houston C.T. Bauer College of Business where he double majored in accounting and marketing. While working at a boutique financial service firm, Tito started preparing income tax returns for friend and family.

Tito Ladejobi is also Co-founder and Chairman for The Bexel Initiative (501c3), doing outreach and volunteering in his community.

Co-Founder / COO


Sherwin Jarmon is a dynamic real estate developer with a passion for creating thriving communities through strategic property development and investment.

Sherwin marries his entrepreneurial spirit with his commitment to revitalizing neighborhoods. He has successfully spearheaded numerous projects, transforming neglected spaces into vibrant living and commercial areas.

As a visionary real estate developer, Sherwin Jarmon continues to shape the urban fabric, leaving a lasting mark on the industry and the lives of those who inhabit the spaces he creates.



Dami Lawal is a dedicated attorney known for his unwavering commitment to delivering comprehensive legal solutions that empower his clients and advocate for their rights.

Dami’s commitment to justice extends beyond his professional practice. He is actively engaged in community outreach initiatives, leveraging his legal expertise to support underserved individuals and communities.

As a driven attorney, Dami Lawal’s passion for upholding the law, coupled with his genuine concern for his clients’ well-being, sets him apart as an invaluable legal advocate.